ClubStiletto - Miss XI - Woah, It’s Only Three Inches

Added: 02-06-2019

Miss Xi has met a creep online and she has invited him over because she is so annoyed by his dick pics that she wants to punish him. There is a knock on the door and she laughs immediately as the dude walks in, which likely crushes his dream of hot sex happening anytime soon. “I invited you over because I want to see if you’re as eager to show me your dick in person” she tells him. “Here?” he asks, clearly nervous that he can’t hide his lack of girth in a dark room and on a bed. She tells him to strip and refuses to take no for an answer. He nervously starts to take his clothes off. He removes his shirt and she laughs at his gut before he even gets to show her his ‘manhood’. When he finally strips she is shocked how little he is, telling him it’s the size of a miniature carrot, not much bigger than her pinky finger.
She picks up a scissor style tong, she’s had waiting, and grabs his cock with it, so disgusted she won’t even think of touching it with her hand. Xi really humiliates him verbally and asks why he thinks anyone would want to see his little penis. After tugging on it with the utensil she pulls out a tape measure and measures it and it’s not even 3″ long. Next she reaches for a double pronged poker and starts poking at his little thing which tragically becomes erect, although not much bigger. She makes him kneel down and set his little cock on the couch where she starts to crush it with her boot. She then returns to poking it and kicks it a bit too, just for extra fun. The guy is literally dumbfounded and puts up no resistance and certainly has no plans to get up and leave. Again he is ordered to set his dick on the couch and she steps on it while kicking him in the face with her other boot. “I know how to make your dick bigger” she says as she again picks up the tong, grabs his dick with it and pulls as hard as she can. Another small dick loser destroyed.

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