AmberDungeon - Mistress Monica - Bisex Bonanza - Part 1 of 3

Added: 02-11-2015

Mistress Monica dominates three males for 57 minutes of humiliating forced-bi, bondage and femdom fun at their expense. The fat slave Stetson gets his cock sucked by slave marco, eats Mistress Monica’s pussy hole and sucks his share of dick before having his small penis humiliated and being banished. Mistress Monica then has marco worship Her ass and pussy before his drooling dick is swallowed in the second scene by slave rex. Mistess Monica makes rex teabag and rim marco while She gets eaten out again. She then waits patiently as marco coaxes a load out of his cock for rex to slurp on. Young, beautiful and energetic, Mistress Monica strolls in scene to find fat slave Stetson bound to the pole. She wastes no time starting work on busting his balls with Her crop and high heeled black boot. She pokes and prods his swelling balls and tells him they will be black and blue before She is through. True to Her word, She seizes the whip and whips his big balls until it looks like he is pole dancing. She removes Her sweaty boots and plasters one to his face so he can smell the aroma of Her gorgeous feet. Mistress Monica blindfolds slave stetson and tells him She has a treat for him. She leads marco in on his knees and orders him to suck the little cock in front of him. The tiny cock does not rise from his oral treatment so Mistress Monica releases Stetson and reverses the roles. He is made to suck cock and then to eat Her pussy as She informs him there is plenty of semen in there from Her boyfriend’s ejaculation in Her that morning. He licks and gobbles and then is made to suck more cock. She moves behind him to stick Her sharp spikes in his ass and make him comply. He moans but his mouth is filled with marco’s swollen prick and no words can be heard. She straddles his ass and spanks him a bit as he continues his oral duties on the cock in his mouth. Slave stetson is ordered to his knees. He has the taste of cock and pussy in his mouth and Mistress Monica sits and tells him to jerk his tiny dick for Her amusement. She laughs and belittles him, scraping Her high heeled boot across his cock head and then making him lick the ooze from the leather boot. The pin dicked submissive is ordered to crawl away and Mistress Monica frees marco so he can service Her ass and pussy. She tells him this will increase the load in his balls as She has a mouth waiting in the other room to suck him off. Next scene, slave rex , bound seated in the stocks, is made to service marco’s cock in front of his face.

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