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Added: 17-07-2017

After another session of love making where she is forced to put a chin strap dildo on her boyfriend Cameron’s face because his dick is too small to fuck her, Kelly tells him she is going to break up with him in one hour unless he finds a way to really get her fucked. Desperate, Cameron offers friends n even total strangers the chance to fuck his girlfriend, only to get turned down several times until someone says yes.

Kelly is delighted to find out that her new lover actually has a real dick. She makes Cameron compare his dick size to that of her new lover, laughing at how small Cameron’s dick is – more like a thumb, she laughs as she size compares. Kelly is soon fucking her new lover, making Cameron look on as a helpless // She wants to make sure he knows how a real man can fuck. As her new owned n collared bitch, Cameron is ordered to lick Kelly’s new stud’s cock and balls for her amusement as they fuck. Kelly then orders Cameron to lick and suck her toes and feet while she continues to fuck her stud. After her stud cums a huge load into a condom, Kelly makes Cameron taste her pussy on the condom before dumping the cum on Cameron’s face and then smearing it all over just to // even further.

After fucking, Kelly and her new stud cuddle and make out on the couch while Cameron, her now chastised cuckold, worships her feet. Kelly then orders Cameron to worship her stud’s feet as she laughs with him, showing off the chastity key that gives her all the power.

Kelly really uses that power when she orders Cameron to suck her stud’s cock. She even has the stud t-bag Cameron’s face; almost nothing could be more humiliating than another man’s balls flopping off your face! As her stud cums all over Cameron’s face, Kelly’s enjoyment shows just how much resentment she felt towards Cameron not being able to fuck her properly.

When her stud tries to leave, Kelly orders him to his knees and has him worship her ass, telling him that he is nothing now but her bitch as well. Kelly locks a slave collar on her bitch and then orders him to eat chocolate candy from her asshole.

Towering over both of her kneeling bitches, Kelly gives each of them a dildo to fuck their own asses with while she watches, masturbating herself to the site of their degradation. As she instructs the bitches on proper form, she makes them tell her how much they love fucking themselves for her amusement. When her bitches don’t fuck themselves hard enough for her satisfaction, Kelly takes over n rams both dicks into their asses at the same time as they cry in pain, their chastity keys dangling from her neck. After she is done force fucking them, Kelly makes both her bitches kneel in front of her with huge dildos still in their asses, telling her how much they love big black cocks in their ass. Kelly has had enough of the bitches and is going out to have fun, but not before ordering each of them to clean her house.

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