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Added: 09-10-2021

A walk close to the suburb in a beautiful sunny day is always a pleasant way to spend the afternoon but my outfit must remain flawless, especially my beautiful leather boots that give that extra touch. Every step my personal bootlicker follows devout 4-legged and when I stop to smoke a cigarette enjoying the sun warmth that lightly caresses my face, his mouth immediately puts itself in position ready to receive the order to clean and polish everything that soiled my beautiful boots up to now. This time he not only has to polish my boots, I will need his mouth also as an ashtray and therefore he will have to be particularly skilled in doing both tasks without compromising the result of everything he is ordered. I expect commitment and attention from him but I am not at all sure that he will be able to perform both tasks in a good way. He finishes licking my heel and I immediately order him to swallow a handful of ash and, in order not to leave any ash residue on my boots, he has to brush his tongue over the same spot several times. It's a tough test to keep the two actions separate without the risk of getting dirty while he licks my boot but that's the point !!! If he wants to have the privilege to stand by me on my afternoon walks, he must be multifunctional and suitable for everything. I don't want to have a queue of drooling slaves. While I am walking I need just one that does everyone's job !!!
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