The Mean Girls - Princess Amber - You Could Never Be With Me Part 1 (4K)

Added: 11-12-2019

Aww, my poor cucky footslave is groveling down at my feet, literally kissing the bottom of my shoes- while he has to listen to me talk to my hot, young boyfriend on the phone above him. I am telling my boyfriend about how great the sex was with him last night, and how much I am looking forward to MORE of it when he come over tonight! How much I love him, care about him…

And all the while, this poor old foot-freak that I own is kissing the soles of my shoes like a pathetic fuck. (Can it get any lower than kissing the bottom of someone else’s shoes? Hahaha) When I hang up with my boyfriend, this foot-cuck has the NERVE to try to tell me how much it “loves” me! OMFG I am like SO appalled by this! How DARE a lowly foot-cuck actually SPEAK to me like this! Like, I KNOW it loves me! (DUH! That’s why it does whatever I say!) But the best a pathetic old foot loser like this can hope for is to KISS MY FEET- and it better be grateful if I even allow THAT!

So I decide to teach it a very cruel lesson. I drag it over to the wall by its chain, get reeeaaally close to it while I make it think it has a “chance” with me and MAYBE I will decide to let it be “more” than just a foot slave for me…then when I can tell the dumb old man is actually starting to believe me…I SLAM my knee up into its balls as hard as I can and LAUGH at it as it drops to the floor at my feet- where it BELONGS!

And then I just start having fun and repeating the process over and over! I’m not sure what was more fun- slamming my knee into its stupid old balls to physically hurt him, or emotionally destroying its hopes and dreams of ever “dating” me! (Or whatever the fuck the old foot loser was thinking!) I tease him, bring him in close…then SLAM my knee up into its balls. Over & over. SO much fun! I love having old foot-cucks around to play with and torment.

I even rub it in that as EXTRA punishment for him now I am going to chain him to the foot of my bed when my boyfriend gets here and make him WATCH us have sex right in front of him!! Haha that will DESTROY the poor foot-cuck’s ego! (Or whatever he has left of it, after serving me for so long now..) I even add some REALLY humiliating things that I am going to make him do for my boyfriend..and he WILL do them, if he wants to be kept around as my foot slave!

You see, foot losers are meant to kept around as FOOT SLAVES and turned into FOOT CUCKS. And foot-cucks serve my FEET. They can hope for NO better than that! And they better be GRATEFUL for it! My FEET are the best they could ever hope for. The rest of me belongs to my BOYFRIEND!

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