Humiliation POV - Princess Mabel - High Heel Licking Pay Pig Cuck - Boot Fetish

Added: 19-05-2021

Princess Mabel is sooooo mean and bratty in this clip!
I'm getting ready to go out on a date tonight and I look so fucking hot. My slave is drooling over my body in this outfit and my sexy red heels. I put my perfect ass in his face and remind him that he'll never get near an ass as perfect as mine is. The best he can hope for is to pay to lick my heels and make sure they're nice and shiny for my date. And he knows he's lucky I even let him do that. So he gratefully hands over his cash to me before he begins licking my sexy red high heels.
I make him lick every inch of them, including the dirty soles. I want them nice and clean for my hot date. He's such an eager little heel licker lol. And as he licks my heels I laugh at him and administer some severe verbal åbuse to condition his brain over and over again, to remind him just what he is to me. A shoe cleaning cuck pig. I'm so mean and bratty in this clip! LOL!
My perfect ass is so close to his face but all he gets to do is suck on my heel. I make him deep throat each of my heels as I laugh in his stupid face. He's such a pathetic inferior little fuck lol. Look at how pathetic he is, licking my heels on camera for everyone to see. I love x-posing my stupid cuck shoe licking pigs. And he knows he better do a good job or I'll discard him lol. He serves no other purpose than to be a good little shoe licker for me.
And the stupid fuck thanked me for this opportunity lol! I love using and degrading stupid cuck pigs. I mean I absolutely fucking love it. To see a 'man' down on his knees, paying to lick my heels while he looks up at what he'll never have. He's not a real man, he's just my foot slave. He's so pathetic that he's willing to do this just for a tiny bit of my attention. I would never date a loser like him. I date real men with real cocks, not foot licking cucks. He's just a thing, a thing I keep around to use whenever I need my shoes shined. When I'm finally satisfied that my heels are nice and shiny, I walk out the door to my date, leaving him there to wallow in his own shame, all alone like he fucking deserves.

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