The Mean Girls - Lexi Chase - Legal Trouble

Added: 26-01-2022

Miss Lexi Chase is high-powered divorce attorney that usually only represents women. However, one day she has a male foot freak come into her office, literally BEGGING her to represent him. He has heard that she is the BEST. She is hesitant to take him on a client, but he says he has won the lottery and will pay her DOUBLE her normal fee! He is desperate to get his divorce finalized before his wife finds out about his newfound money! Plus, he admits that he has a foot fetish that his wife doesn't know about yet, and he just wants to get his divorce before his wife finds out about all his money and the fact that he has been sending money to "foot models" online!
Miss Chase is considering this client when her phone rings. It is next appointment. But the male client in her office recognizes the voice- it is his wife...and she is on her way up the stairs right now! Miss Chase tells him to hide under her desk! Just as he slides under Miss Chase's desk, his beautiful blonde wife comes into the office and sits down.
Miss Chase takes her pumps off and slams her stockinged foot down on the husband's mouth to shut him up, and simply rests her feet on him while she talks to her "new client". To the husband's disappointment, he can hear that his wife knows EVERYTHING! (Except the fact that her husband is right under the lawyer's desk, listening to her goal to take ALL his money!) The husband tries to object, but Miss Chase pushes her foot harder down on his mouth. He is left there, under Miss Chase's desk, with her foot muffling his objections as he listens to his wife talk about ho much she HATES him and wants to take him to the cleaners!
Finally he can't take it anymore as he hears these two powerful women laughing about his foot fetish. His wife is shocked! Both women turn on him, and soon he is groveling at their feet and they are using their feet to make him agree to ANYTHING THEY WANT!

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