The Mean Girls - AmericanMeanGirls - Princess Amber - Potty Punishment

Added: 26-01-2022

Since this LOSER couldn't handle something so simple as being a human doormat while I walked all over him in my sexy high heels, he's getting punished!!!
I mean it's really not that difficult to lay on the ground while a SUPER HOT GODDESS stands on you. He REALLY annoyed me when he told me that he "just couldn't do it" and that he's even MORE pathetic than I originally had thought.
So I decided to go make him clean the dirty toilet in the guest room, but not with any scrubs or cleaning supplies, no.... he had to clean it WITH HIS TONGUE!
Of course he didn't wanna do that, so I had to sit there and supervise him to make sure he cleaned EVERY INCH of that toilet bowl. It was super gross to watch that I had to just sit on him to keep his head in the toilet and try not to look at what "things" he was licking up LOL. Needless to say, he won't be disappointing me anymore or else his punishments will continue to get WORSE! On another note, that toilet has never sparkled more! HAHAHAH

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