AmericanMeanGirls - Lexi Chase - Louboutin Loser Full Clip

Added: 31-01-2022

This loser is sitting at his "lucky slot machine" at a casino when he gets up to go to the bathroom. When he comes back a beautiful woman - Miss Lexi Chase - is sitting in his seat. He is overwhelmed by her beauty, so he just can't bring himself to tell her to get out of his seat. So he ends up literally on his knees BEGGING her to let him keep sitting there, and explains that he was only gone for a minute. As he is kneeling there on the casino floor before her, stammering away about his "lucky seat", Miss Chase can tell that this fat loser is absolutely blown away by her beauty. She figures, "why gamble when I can bet on a 'sure thing' and just take this fat loser's money??"
So she tells him the only way he is getting her out of this chair is to take her SHOPPING- and she wants EXPENSIVE designer shoes!! The loser can't help himself. He thinks "maybe she really likes me??" And next thing you know, Miss Chase is marching him over to the Louboutin store to make him buy her $1000 shoes! (And yes, this is all for real! You can hear Miss Chase making fun of the loser in front of the sales people...)
She decides to make him buy her these INCREDIBLY hot leather ankle boots with a wicked-looking pointed toe and needle-thin metal stiletto heel! And she gets SO mad when the loser's credit card gets denied at the register! She yells at him right there at the register that she is "embarrassing" her and DEMANDS that he better MAKE his credit card work, or pull out another one! She wants her Louboutins, and she wants them NOW!! Eventually, the card goes through...
After taking complete advantage of this loser, Miss Chase basically just walks off to leave him behind. She got what she wanted and now wants nothing to do with him. But this SIMP is so desperate for her...and the fool actually thinks that buying a woman as hot as Miss Chase ONE pair of designer shoes will earn him some "time with her". As she is walking out of the casino's designer shopping mall, the fat loser literally comes out of nowhere, falling all over himself to open her door for her and BEGS Miss Chase to continue to be allowed in her life!
He continues begging as she walks out to her car...until finally Miss Chase turns to him and tells him that the ONLY way she will even consider letting a fat, ugly loser like him be around her is if he literally does WHATEVER she says and spends ALL of his money on her! And to her surprise- he actually agrees to it! She is VERY clear though that she has a boyfriend and this means she is going treat him like total DIRT and basically use him like nothing more than a SERVANT. He STILL agrees to it! he is just sooo desperate to be in her life.. wow.
The last part of the video takes place in Miss Chase's hotel room, where she makes this loser literally lick the dirt off the BOTTOM of the boots that she has been wearing all day as she walked throughout the casino. He actually dares to complain about this and begs to do "other things" like fetch her coffee, etc. But Miss Chase says that she wants to make sure that he will do ANYTHING she says before she decides to take him on as one of her personal servants- and licking the dirt and filth off the soles of her boots is the lowest and most disgusting as she can think of...but he DOES it! Soon she is literally WIPING the sole of her boot off on his TONGUE!
Next is FOOTWORSHIP. Miss Chase LOVES shoving her feet into the open mouths of losers to remind them of their place in life compared to her. She reminds this fat loser that this is the BEST he could ever hope for in life as she shoves her little foot DEEP down his throat and LAUGHS in his face about it! Then she starts working on him about how much it is going to COST HIM just to be allowed to WORK for her!
Se explains that she will want Louboutins on a regular basis to wear on her dates with her boyfriend, as well as expensive vacations with her boyfriend- that the fat loser will need to pay for. The fat loser starts begging her...explaining that he can't really afford all that. Miss Chase explains to him that is what credit cards are for!! He will take out as many credit cards as he needs to in order to fund her lifestyle!! And she doesn't CARE how much debt he goes into! That is HIS problem!
When she asks him if he agrees to all this...she just places a foot on top of his loser head and casually begins making his big fat head nod, "Yes Miss Chase" his face is shoved back ad forth onto her foot.
NO ONE says "no" to Miss Lexi Chase.

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