Brat Princess 2 - Crystal, Kaylie - Fuzzy Sock Tease Makes Weak Beta Cum in Chastity 4K

Added: 04-02-2022

I have been keeping Fluffy in chastity for SO long. So long that I can’t even remember how long it has been! He does a good job serving me. But lately he has been so fucking annoying. He moans and pouts at night because he is stuck in chastity. And in the morning, he cries because it hurts from his gross little dick that is trying to get hard. He wears a micro chastity because he has a micro dick and he is micro relevant in society. He is just driving me nuts at this point. So, its only fair that Kaylie and I make fun of him and humiliate him. Look at him a… fucking loser laying on the ground in chastity with fuzzy socks being rubbed on it him. It tickles him and turns him on! It turns him on so much that he squirts cum right through his chastity. Disgusting. Beta jizz on our floor. We make him lick it up off the floor. We are so nice, it was a big load so it counts as his dinner and desert!
Princess Crystal

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