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Added: 07-03-2022

Queen Irene's sissy had undergone its initial training, but Queen Irene feels the cunt needs to be brought down a peg or two. She's secured the bitch in dual spreader bars on the floor, wearing a black latex slave hood, secured in pink cuffs and collar, pretty pink sissy bra and matching pink satin camisole. She even put a pink, satin clitty-bonnet over it's pathetic excuse for a penis.
Queen Irene is seated above the bitch, glowering over imperiously. She wears fishnet stockings, a black PVC skirt, halter top and 5-inch, jet-black stiletto spike heels:
"You need to learn respect bitch, specifically for my perfect feet. I've worn these stockings and heels for a couple of days now...they're slimy and my feet are frankly disgusting. That's where you come in, foot whore. First lick my fucking shoe clean, cunt"
She extends Her shapely leg and pushes one of Her glossy black, 5-inch stiletto heels into its face. The slave licks up and down the sides, licks the soles clean, and then is ordered to remove the shoes with its teeth. She then places both sweaty, stinky and dirty stocking feet over the slave's face, completely nullifying it:
"Breathe in the smell of my sweaty, dirty feet slave. I want you to cherish EVERYTHING that comes from ME. Keep sniffing, pig"
She starts to smother the slave until its out of air and flailing away. She has the slave shower each foot with tiny kisses, like a lovers face. Then She gets a bit more serious:
"Open you whore mouth and keep your fucking tongue out"
She wipes Her grimy, slimy stinky foot on the slave's tongue, rubbing hard She wipes both feet on the slave's extended tongue.
"Swallow and thank Me for that honor you fucking $2 whore"
As soon as the bitch does, Queen Irene crams a stocking-clad foot into its mouth:
"Open up bitch! Now I want you take my ENTIRE FOOT down your throat. If you can't do it, we'll just have to keep trying"
She starts gagging poor slave, pulling on its leash to keep it from getting away from Her invading feet. She holds a foot behind the slave's head while stuffing the other foot into its mouth. The slave keeps coughing and gagging, so She finally stops and smothers the slave again.
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