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Added: 27-08-2021

Custom: You enter wearing knee-level leggings and black ballerinas flat shoes You take off your shoes and you put your big feet on the desk Camera films very close your gigantic long soles while you are stretching them They are so long and dirty with black ( you walked barefoot outside) Today you are waiting for one of YouTube r fans, a poor loser, who doubts about your real shoe size and claims he is a man and cannot have shorter feet than you !!!that really make you laugh!!!
He is just a stupid loser you think!!!The loser has arrived, you say “come, come here, I already have a job for you, you must clean my dirty long soles” He remains a little hesitant, and you shouting at him “hurry up, stick out your tongue and lick!!!
before I kick you right in the balls “Fearful, he decides to lick ( he is a little man can’t compete with you), he licks every inch of your big soles until they are really clean During this action, sometimes you put your big soles on his face pushing hard and crushing his poor nose Then you make fun of him all the time saying that your long soles are much bigger then his entire face Ha Ha Ha!!!!
And you would be he who has feet longer than me!!! Do not make me laugh!!!”Sit here, close to me “ “Take off your shoes, put your feet next to mine, and show your soles to the camera “Camera films your soles one next to the others, there is no comparison, your soles are much longer and your long toes too Now you try to put one foot against the other, no comparison, and now you try to put your big toe against his big toe!!
Nothing to do, probably he wears 2/3 size less, incredible, he is a man!!! Stubborn little loser, have you seen, now, for punishment, put some moisturizing oil on my size 42 eu soles !!! And you show your long soles to the camera, right in my face always stretching them and pulling back your toes
The loser still has some doubts, so you both stand up putting your feet next to each other, the right one and then the left one, but the result is always the same, 2/3 size less!!! A real humiliation for a man !!!
But you don’t want any doubts, so you take a Brannock Device for women feet and you measure your feet, both of them,and loser’ feet, both of them, ( probably your foot length is between 10and 11, please make a very very accurate and real measure, ) This was the last test,you are the winner and now you want to make fun of him and punish him
So you say “ You have really short feet and short toes compared to me, I am a girl, shame on you !!!
You must have a very small cock, like all men with small feet!!! Get undressed, let me see !!! Now he is naked, and you order “lying on the floor near the wall “and you get on him, starting to trample him, and resting your hands on the wall to be more stable You start trampling his head (your feet completely cover his face, incredible), you trample his chest very hard,you trample is belly ( your big feet and your long toes they sink into his belly like knives in the butter)
Now you trample his balls and cock, your size 11 feet crush his balls like scrambled eggs, your long toes play with his balls, your big toe deforms his ballsac It s a mas-sacre!!!! Your big toes want to crush a single ball, what evil woman!!!Now you jump with both feet on his balls and cock like a fury, and you jump and you jump without stopping, You don’ t understand that this could cause permanent damage, but you do not care
Now he turns around and you trample his back, and you jump and you jump like a furyIT IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT that during the trampling action camera films very close to your feet ( always zooming on your feet) Now you order him to stand up and you start to deliver frontal toe kicks, terrific impact between your big toe and his cock and balls, CAMERA FILMS VERY CLOSE TO YOUR FEET AND HIS BALLS
Now you call him and you go in the bedroom, you sit on the bed while he is standing giving you the back, and you start to kick his nuts and his cock from behind After each kick, you stop your foot against his balls, showing the entire soles to the camera You deliver real hard kicks and toe kicks(he must spread his legs ) Then your super long big toe play with his balls, caressing his balls and delivering little kicks with your big toe Camera films very very close your big toe action against his balls Now you decide to lift him against the wall using your feet against his balls ( as in many other of your videos), but the camera does not film only the entire scene but ABOVE ALL YOUR BIG FEET AGAINST HIS BALLS Your strong legs and your big feet lift him as if were light as a feather, and he screams in pain while you are laughing While you lift him.
you move your toes to torment his poor ballsNow you order him to sit on a chair in front of you and you show him your long big hands “I have big hands with long fingers too!!!!” and you deliver very hard slaps, you must leave the fingerprints of all the fingers Camera films your fingerprints on his red face
Finally, you order him to stay on his knees in front of you but giving you his back and you put one foot on one shoulder and the other foot on the other shoulder and you show your looong soles to the camera ( close to his little head)
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