American Mean Girls - Lexi Chase, Princess Amber - Ballbusting Before Our Dates

Added: 16-04-2022

Miss Lexi Chase got these new, REALLY pointy boots from a slave and she wants to try them out for some ballbusting. Amber agrees and suggests they go out back to the "slave quarters" behind Mean Girl Manor and use one of the slaves for some "ballbusting contenting".
Amber explains that kicking slaves in the nuts makes them the most money, so its always good to kick slaves in the nuts over and over with really dangerous shoes and boots. It might do like some serious damage to the slave's balls, but who cares? That is what slaves are FOR- to be used for their videos in any way that makes them the most $$$!!! If t is repeated kicks to their nuts with pointy boots...then so be it! They exist to be used.
And Amber and Lexi LOVE that they can just go out back, kick some loser in the balls- and PROFIT from it! And the more the losers suffers, the MORE they profit! "Let's go make that loser PAY!"
They take turns holding the slave's leash as they command it to "spread!" for them to kick its balls over & over. Lexi's boots look VERY dangerous and the slave is afraid for its nuts. Lexi doesn't care though. And neither does Amber, as she is wearing pointy ankle boots as well.
To add insult to the slave's dilemma, both Mean Girls laugh that they are only doing this to amuse themselves and make some quick money before they go out on dates with their boyfriends. The slave's heart is cruushed just as much as his nuts when he hears this! American Mean Girls are so cruel...they tell him right to his face as they are kicking him that he means nothing to them but easy income and they dont care how much their kicks hurt.
By the end he is left in a heap on the floor at their feet- and Miss Lexi literally STEPS on him as she walks out the door, laughing with Amber, on their way out to see their hot boyfriends!
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