ClubStiletto - Domina Ruby, Princess Skylar - Bound and Ball Busted

Added: 01-05-2017

Blond bombshells Domina Ruby and Princess Skylar are talking about their anger issues and the slave in front of them, his arms behind his back, is naturally nervous. Skylar takes a metal flogger and takes the solid steel handle to his balls to get the fun started. She swings the handle at his nuts a few dozen times and you can clearly hear how solid the impact is and the slave squirms and jumps about. Ruby holds his cock up for more blows before the slave is turned so his backside is shown and she can continue to use the handle on his bruised berries. Sometimes her aim is off and the handle bashes his legs causing even more discomfort and probably fear as he’s not sure what to expect next. Look at the professional rope work Ruby has done on the slave in advance, his arms are secure and escape is impossible. More swings of the handle and you can hear a real clapping sound against his balls and then Ruby gets into the act and starts to spank his balls with her hands before more swings of the handle from Skylar. When Ruby finally swings the slave around to face the camera we see he is rock hard… maybe he likes this more than we thought.

As it turns out this was nothing but a warm up and the girls are ready to take their red stilettos to his balls to really finish him off. Ruby’s shoes are covered in studs and she starts by kicking the slaves cock, balls and then laughs when she gets him right in the taint. The girls then take turns slapping his cock and it bounces up and down giving them a great deal of enjoyment. Everyone is laughing… well, almost everyone. Skylar then really goes to town slapping his cock some more and then his balls, but because he’s squirming about so much, Ruby wraps her hands around his neck to keep him in place so Skylar can continue her assault on his not so private parts. Ruby secures a collar and leash on the slave and as she holds it, the girls sit on the couch and start to bombard him with slaps, kicks with their stilettos, and then Skylar in bare feet and Ruby in nylon feet. The best thing about a duo ballbusting session is that the action never stops, as one rests the other attacks, then they switch. They even kick him in unison at one point. The slaves balls and cock really get worked over in this hot ballbusting scene and literally hundreds of blows land before he finally falls to his knees. You’ll love the Ladies sadistic passion and the slaves ability to take blow after blow.

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