Mistress Trish - Ball Breaking Cruelty

Added: 23-02-2018

Mistress Trish wastes no time laying into slave ms balls with her viciously sharp, dangerously sexy, maroon boots. She punts him full force immediately, making him buckle over in pain, and demanding that stand right back up 2 be kicked again. She them repeatedly slams her knees into his nuts, crushing them violently into his body with full force. Trish holds him in place so that she can get in as many knees as she desires before she switches back to punting his now aching nuts with some more full on powerful kicks. She adds in some agonizing roundhouse toe shot kicks that drive the power of her muscular legs straight into his throbbing balls. The she knees n punts his nuts into complete oblivion. The poor, though lucky, slave drops to the ground several times as Trish kicks him into the air but is again made to stand to withstand more ball abuse. Finally the sadist is satiated with kicking n kneeing the poor slaves throbbing, aching balls. Which does not mean that she is done hurting him. Instead it is time to grab, twist, squeeze, crush, and scratch poor slave ms wounded nuts. She takes a firm hold of the balls with her incredibly strong hands n quickly clamps down all the way. Trish yanks the slave around by his aching nuts, laughing as he yelps and screams in pain. The swollen balls are lovely for Trish to torment with her powerful hands because even the slightest touch makes them throb excruciatingly with painand, of course, Trish is sure to uses more than a slight touch to inflict maximum suffering on her slave. In an especially cruel finishing series of ball grabbing torments Trish crushes his nuts firmly in 1 hand and uses the razor sharp fingernail of her other hand to slice into the taunt, agonized, almost broken ball. Loving the reaction of extreme pain that this elicits from her slave Trish treats him to all five fingernails digging, ripping into his crushed nuts. The poor slave literally cant take any more as he pleads for mercy. Trish cant help but give him a little bit more as she asserts her dominance over him by giving him one final excruciating grab, crush, and yank on his poor nuts.

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