WorshipAmber - Ballbusting The Boss

Added: 31-03-2019

***(I decided to use one of my slaves to make a "slave version" of this custom POV clip that I received from one of my fans)*** I found out my boss at work who just hired me has a foot fetish- and I have been abusing him and walking all over him ever since. Seriously, he is like PATHETIC. All I have to do is dangle one of my fucking work pumps off the tip of my toe, and he turns to MUSH. The other day I used him as a "practice dummy" for my self-defense class. (The truth is, I'm not even IN a self-defense class! I just made it up as an excuse to kick my boss in the BALLS! Haha.) I also took his car after kicking his balls in, so this clip picks up with me bragging and laughing to my girlfriend on the phone about all the abuse I put my boss through the previous day...and him walking in LATE to the office as a result! I ignore him standing there like a fool in my cubicle for awhile as I chat on the phone just to make him feel stupid. Then when I finally hang p with my girlfriend, I tell my stupid boss that I don't like him "standing over" me at my desk and it makes me uncomfortable, so I snap my fingers and point to the ground at my feet- and he literally just DROPS to his knees like a poor, obsessed fool. "I am really starting to love working here" I think to myself... I explain to my foot-loser boss (in a very cute, innocent way, of course) that after yesterday's practice I think ALL the girls at the office could benefit from a self defense class! And that HE should be the test-dummy for ALL of us! I explain that I have already set it up, and it will be in the break room later this afternoon, but I still want some more "one-on-one" practice with him before I do a demo in front of the other girls. Poor old man...I can tell he doesn't realy want his balls to get kicked and stomped on anymore...but he just can't help himself when I dangle my shoe and INSIST. I am really starting to get off on the power I have over this old man... Soon we are in the break room- and I am literally "positioning" him into different poses so I can get really good kicks in. He keeps asking me "Um, Miss Amber, are you sure the attacker will really just stand here and pose for you to kick him like this??" I just tell him to SHUT UP and do what I say! I will practice the way I WANT to practice! My favorite one though is when I tell him to "crawl away like your going to get more attackers- but keep your legs spread WIDE while you do it!" HAHAHA. I even command him to "stop" as he is crawling so I can take really good aim with my kick and really drill him with the pointed-toe Louboutin stilettos that HE bought me! (I honestly couldn't contain my laughter in response to him putting up with this- which you can actually see in the video!) OMG I wonder how pathetic he is willing to be for me??
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