THE MEAN GIRLS - Goddess Maci, GODDESS PLATINUM - Great Balls of Fire

Added: 02-06-2019

While introducing Goddess Maci to the amazing life of being a Mean Girl, we had to show her some of the creatively fun ways we torture our pathetic slaves.
Today’s torture involves a ball shocker fastened very tightly around my geezer slave’s scrotum, and an electrical chastity device snuggly locked onto my bald slave’s tiny dick. Annnnnnd we all know that out of ALL OF OUR SLAVES, these 2 hate CBT the most. LOL!
This is GODDESS MACI’S (PRINCESS AMBER’S FOR REAL, REAL LIFE LITTLE SISTER) very first time at the Mean Girl Manor. Goddess Maci just finally turned 18 years old, 2 days ago!!! Princess Amber has been telling her little sister all about life as a Mean Girl for over a year. Goddess Maci had been counting down the days till she turned 18, from the very first time Princess Amber told her how much fun we have everyday living our GLAMOROUS lives as Mean Girls.
I have never seen Goddess Maci have more fun before today. The huge smile on her face and the adorable giggles she let out every time she shocked my old geezer slave’s balls. LOL!
Goddess Maci absolutely loved torturing my geezer slave and actually made fun of him all day. Goddess Maci was ripping on geezer all day about how pathetic his life is and how humiliating it must be since he’s like a million years old, and had his balls tortured and fried by a hot young GODDESS THAT LITERALLY JUST TURNED 18. Hahahaha Goddess Maci was totally born to be a Mean Girl!!!
It was so much fun watching Princess Amber torture her least favourite slave with our brand new ELECTRIC CHASTITY DEVICE. Every time she would shoot the electric currents through that slaves sad little dick and he was freaking out, her eyes lit up and she was laughing soooooo hard.
The slaves were in sooooooo much pain. Watch their facial expressions every time we light them up. LOL! They said it felt like they stuck their cock and balls into an electrical outlet. Oh well, we could just fry them right off, it’s not like they will ever get a chance to use them with a real woman. HAhaha
Come laugh at our pathetic slaves being tortured just for our entertainment.

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