Brat Princess 2 - Princess Taylor, Amadahy, Jennifer - Ballbusting Slave Trained for Birthday Party (1080 HD)

Added: 15-06-2019

1080 HD Princess Taylor is having a birthday party! Amadahy and Jennifer are bringing the ballbusting slave. Taylor is skeptical. She’s not sure that the ballbusting slave can take as many kicks as her guests will want to dish out. Amadahy and Jennifer assure Taylor that the save is well-trained and up to the task. To prove it Amadahy kicks the slave over and over in the balls as hard as she can. Then, Taylor wants a try. She kicks the slave in the balls as hard as she can, too. Despite the excruciating pain, the slave holds up pretty well. Amadahy invites leashed slave girl lola to get a few punches and slaps in. The sadistic little slave girl enjoys being allowed to participate in the beating. Then Empress Jennifer takes her turn. The four totally destroy the ballbusting slave. He collapses, but Amadahy keeps him standing until Taylor finishes kicking. Amadahy calls over lola and allows her to punch the ballbusting slave until he finally drops. Everyone had fun! Except for the ballbusting slave. Taylor is convinced she is going to have the best birthday ever!

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