The Mean Girls - Princess Amber - Busted Worshipping Lexi (4K)

Added: 21-04-2020

OMG… I walk into the front room of the Mean Girl Manor and I found my piece of crud slave jerking off to one of my best friends, Lexi. Like seriously WTF?!?!? First of all she doesn’t own you, the Mean Girls do! Second of all, did you send her a tribute first? Grrrrr

I knew I shouldn’t have allowed this freak to get out of chastity. I had it locked up for months and the first time its alone it sneaks off and starts jerking off its tiny little dick to my friend…. what a nasty, little, slimy bitch! I am absolutely disgusted.

I decided to call Lexi up and tell her how pathetic and disgusting this creature is. But I also promised her I would definitely right it’s wrong! Lol!

Oh I definitely fixed this freak real good! I kicked its balls till it’s dick literally started to show ya know, the red stuff. Lol! Then since I didn’t want it getting any red on my carpet, I made it lay on its back and I stomped and squished the hell out of it’s gross balls till they were completely broken… and I MEAN THEY WERE REALLLLLLY BROKEN! Bahahaha you get what you deserve when you are a disobedient little slut!

Watch to see how destroyed I left it’s nasty cook and balls.

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