Brat Princess 2 - Ivory, Kat, Mariah - Ballbusting Party for Three girls and Two slaves Complete (4K)

Added: 25-07-2020

4K Ultra HD Ivory, Kat, and Mariah are having a party! The girls have some wine and start dancing. Ivory, the party host, leads in a slave on a leash. The girls get a whip and start to whip the slave for some light entertainment. They sip their drinks while taking turns beating the slave. The girls dance around while beating him. Then, they decide to ballbust him. Each girl gets her turn kicking him as hard as she can! Mariah holds the slave still while Kat kicks. Then, they take a break for some snacks. Whatever falls on the floor the slave has to eat. The girls tease the slave by twerking in front of him. Part 1 (10:32 long)

The girls make the slave hold their bowl of chips while they tease him with their dancing. Then they want to kick him some more. They make the slave stand up so that they can get direct hits to its testicles. The slave falls on all fours and Kat kicks it from behind. They need to make sure that every girl gets a turn. He’s being uncooperative and not letting every girl get all her kicks in. Mariah beats it with a whip for insubordination. The girls toast, then Ivory gets another whip. The girls sing along to the music while beating the slave together. Everyone’s favorite song comes on. The girls all giggle while Mariah beats the slave harder. The girls surround the slave and tease him more with their dancing. Mariah rides the slave around the room like a pony. Then Kat takes her turn riding him. Ivory whips the slave while her guests ride it. Part 2 (10:36 long)

Ivory makes the slave hold the bowl of chips while she kicks it. It cannot drop the chips no matter how hard she kicks. If it spills the chips it will face something even worse. This is very hard for the slave to accomplish. Kat goes next. The slave almost drops the chips. The girls cruelly taunt it. They all get a turn kicking the slave while it struggles to hold the snack bowl. The girls take the chips away and hold him still so that Mariah can kick him harder. They sing along to the music while the slave drops to the floor in agony. Kat gets a whip and beats him while he’s down. They command the slave to get up. It cannot. It tries to crawl away. The girls yell at it. They beat it harder. They make it spread its legs so that they can kick it more. The slave is surrounded by the triad and cannot get away. Wherever he goes pain follows. The girls want to kick the slave in the balls more. They get him back up on his feet and make him stand. The slave falls to the floor but the girls just drag him back up by his collar. Part 3 (10:15 long)

Now the party is in full swing. The girls are all laughing and dancing. The slave continues to try to crawl away as they beat it, but it is trapped. The girls look at all the damage they have done to the miserable slave’s body. They have really gotten some good wrap around the ribcage. There’s no way he can like that! The girls make the slave stand so that they can kick him in the balls more. The slave drops it cannot get back up. The girls change tactics and sweetly coax him back to his feet. One final kick and he really cannot stand anymore. The girls go to the basement to get a second slave, the fat one. Ivory leads the fat one in. They use the old slave as a chair. The fat slave is happy to be invited to the girls’ party. It smiles as the girls dance in front of it, but then, the kicking starts. The slave’s smiles turn to grunts of pain as the assault of boots to testicles begins. The fat slave has to hold the chips now while they kick it. The fat slave drops the chips. The girls make him eat all the slipped chips from the floor. They crunch the chips with their shoes. Both pathetic slaves clean up the bowl of spilled chips with their mouths. Part 4 (11:25 long)

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