Americanmeangirls - Goddess Draya, Goddess Platinum - Breaks Balls With Her Bare Feet

Added: 15-08-2020

I swear, all of you weird little slaves and submissive boys never cease to amaze Me with how pathetic and worthless you are. Goddess Platinum and I filmed this clip a few weeks after I moved into the Manor with one of the little in-house bitches that We keep in the corner of the downstairs living room… basically, We had both finished up Our day, and planned to head out for a drink or two, and this little helpless thing was just kneeling there in the corner as We talked about some of the things We haven’t yet done to slaves since I moved in…. And one of those things was barefoot ball busting…

As obvious as it is to anyone who watches Our videos that We regularly ball bust Our play things and losers, We generally do so in heels, boots, or some spiked pumps that will utterly destroy a loser’s balls. But as fun as that is, there’s something completely different about the sound, the feel, and the thrill of laying into a loser’s worthless little sack with just the top of Your foot that makes the whole experience something totally different. Instead of the colossal thud of a boot hitting it’s balls, the sound is more a fierce slap of skin on skin followed by a loser howling in pain and almost singing in falsetto…. HAHAHAHAHAHA……. It was so fucking hilarious to watch this pathetic thing cry out and squirm on the floor trying to get away from the next kick from from GP as I held it’s leash or kept it in place with My foot on it’s back…..

And unlike with boots or heels, it’s easy to justify another kick, or another, or another when We are in bare feet…. Because unlike the spiked pumps which always result in bloooooody boy balls, bare feet simply redden them up like an apple, but since they aren’t bleeeedding, of course We’ll take another whack at them…. And that’s exactly how this clip goes…. I hold the loser and WHAM She kicks… I move it to another vulnerable position, and again SMASH, it’s balls get destroyed…. Bwahahahaha…. How fucking pathetic…. I pull it this way or that, and then Platinum’s foot smashes into it’s helpless little almonds… over and over again as the little bitch cries out and flops on the floor like an anniimal dyyiing of seizure… but I mean c’mon, what else would you expect from Mean Girl’s???

And that is the entire point, these little bitch boys beg to be in Our presence and obviously We don’t care at all what happens to them…. So they are playthings for Our amusement and when We get bored of them they’re dismissed (if we aren’t dumping them somewhere in the desert)…

And that’s exactly what happened to this sad worthless little thing… We lightened up the mood, and got Our laughs at how stupid you losers are by just destroying this thing countless times before We headed out for the night…. it’s needless man-cherries got drilled into it’s throat over and again as it begged Us to stop…. Of course We didn’t, but really, slaves don’t get to decide when the pain is done, We do…. And usually it isn’t anytime around when they’d like….

So get the clip and see what slave nuts look like after they’ve been bashed in endlessly by the Queen of Mean Girl Ball Busting… you’ll get to see Me drag and push it around into each uncomfortable position for the “penalty kicks” She crushed into his sad sack…. and those kicks are all the more brutal because they completely resemble the unloading She would do on a soccer ball back when She spent Her years in school crushing a fully different kind of balls…. LOL….

By the end, this thing’s sad and ruined “slave fruit” is nothing more than a mashed up mess of swollen red shame… part of the price of admission if you want to serve the Mean Girls and live (and diiieee) at Our feet…. Either way, the world definitely will thank Us as this is one more little bitch that won’t be reproducing after the number We did on it’s nuts….

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