ClubStiletto - Miss Madison - Now you can Whimper - Ballbusting

Added: 07-11-2020

Sexy Miss Madison calls her slave into the room to pamper her feet. While he sniffs her socks she tells him not to look up at her shirt because she’s been working out and sweating so hard her nipples are clearly visible. The slave is soon lost in the odor of her socks and feet but meanwhile she’s scheming about busting his balls. After a period she removes her socks and sticks one in his mouth while making him sniff the other which she then also sticks in his mouth. She tells him to massage her feet and requests it be nice and firm. She mocks him for looking so stupid with the socks in his mouth. “It makes me so happy and you’re happy too aren’t you?” she asks, and as he is replying yes, she tells him that his happiness is about to end because she wants to bust his balls. The slave grimaces knowing what’s about to happen.

She tells him to keep the socks in his mouth as a gag and to stand at the end of the bed. He spreads his legs and she delivers a quick kick followed by another. Miss Madison is fit and agile and every kick is a work of art, a fast moving pendulum that lands squarely on the slaves ball sacks. After several kicks the slave is really whimpering and she asks him why he is whimpering and then proceeds to land the hardest kick of all which brings him to his knees. “Now you can whimper” she says. The camera zooms down to Miss Madison’s sexy feet while the slave tries to pull himself together. “You don’t have any real need for those balls anyway, do you?” she asks him as she delivers even more kicks. Finally she tells him he has to take 5 of her hardest kicks and if he goes down she will start over. The slave does everything in his power to stay on his feet as she lands each kick. The 5th one lifts him off the ground and he drops to the floor. “Oh, looks like we have to start over” she says laughing while looking at the camera. She tells him to get back up. If you want the nice things from Miss Madison, there is always a price to pay.

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