The Mean Girls - Goddess Draya, Goddess Platinum, Lexy Chase - Halloween Heart (and Ball) Breakers (1080 HD)

Added: 05-12-2020

Draya’s loser male roommate is totally obsessed with her hot friend Lexi Chase. Draya and Lexi are all dressed up like “Queens” to go to a Halloween party and want to get going before Draya’s loser roommate comes home and starts drooling all over Lexi.

Oops… too late.. he comes running into the room and practically THROWS himself at Lexi’s feet!

Soon he is BEGGING to go to the Halloween party with them. Obviously, Lexi and Draya don’t want to have this loser anywhere near them, especially in public! But then Draya reminds Lexi that they are supposed to provide some “entertainment” at the party, so maybe they can use this loser for that??? And since he will do “anything” to be around Miss Lexi Chase… they come up with a GREAT IDEA!

The loser is told that he can go to the party with them, but ONLY if he goes as their SERVANT and does WHATEVER THEY SAY. Since they are both dressed as Royalty, and Royalty would always have a servant or more, this makes perfect sense for Their costumes and has the loser thrilled out of its mind.

But just like everything with the Mean Girls, there is always another catch:

Lexi and Draya are going to let ANYONE in the party kick their “servant” in the balls as hard as they want over & over! THAT will be the “entertainment” that they will provide for everyone at the party!! They might even CHARGE people for each kick and make MONEY off this loser!! They are sure this twist will insure that the loser backs out, but surprisingly it still agrees to go and be their puppet.

Unbelievable… well, they decide that they will need to “test” it out for themselves first, and make sure it can take all their kicks with their pointed-toe pumps first… and one of the best ways to do that is with Draya’s roommate who is a blonde bombshell who played soccer all through High School and college. She kicks harder than anyone they know and they invite Her in to have a few whacks on this loser’s nuts. Suffice to say, it had never felt anything quite like the kicks She delivered.

See what happens when you get the clip, and find out if this meathead, Lexi Chase obsessed loser finally gets to go out with its Dream Girls, or if it was left laying face down on the floor with its manhood crushed beneath Mean Girl feet…

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File Name : 11___The_Mean_Girls_-_Halloween_Heart__and_Ball__Breakers__1080_HD_
Format: MPEG-4
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Duration: 00:13:56
Video: AVC, 1920 x 1080, 29.970 FPS, 6460 kb/s
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