The Mean Girls - Goddess Drayam, Princess Amber - Humiliating the CEO [Full Clip] 1080 HD

Added: 29-12-2020

This creep has been working at Mean Girls Industries as a CEO for a long time. And we all know he just got their because of his White Male Privilege. Well eventually he got busted for hitting on some poor girl at the office and was reported. As part of his punishment for mistreatment of Women, he was literally stripped naked and stationed in the Women’s break room on his KNEES and with a CHASTITY DEVICE locked on his cock. The rules of his punishment? He has to do WHATEVER he is told by ANY Female that comes into the break room! Or else, it is OFF TO PRISON for him if the Female Head of HR finds out that he disobeyed ANY woman in the office!
Oh what fun this will be for all the women that work in the office when they come into the break room and find this former executive naked and on his KNEES, ready and willing to obey their every command!
Miss Amber has already been using this old man as her personal “office shoe shine bitch” all week! She absolutely LOVES making this former high-powered exec literally shine her office pumps with his tongue! That is when Miss Draya comes into the break room. She is shocked at what she sees! Wait, she recognizes this guy! OMG…this is gonna be FUN!
How can they humiliate him even MORE??? Oh wait, that’s EASY! Just SHOVE YOUR SWEATY FEET DOWN HIS THROAT after they’ve been in your work shoes all day! Haha…and he HAS to let you do it too!
Hmm…what else…how about taking that chastity device off (EVERY woman in the office has a key to it!) and MAKING him stand their with his legs spread and LET us take turns kicking him RIGHT IN THE BALLS over and over!!
This is a 30-MINUTE video of the complete humiliation of a former executive, including: Shoe Worship, Foot Worship, and BallBusting!
Part 1
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