Lady Bellatrix, Mistress Nikki Whiplash - Ballbusted for Leering at the Ladies

Added: 02-01-2021

Mistress Nikki Whiplash and I have had it with this pathetic male for leering at us. We know that we’re gorgeous and let’s face it, we do dress provocatively but his unwanted advances are creepy and we want to do something about it. When he claims to not know why he finds himself in this particular predicament, I swiftly knee him in the balls to jog his memory. After verbally debasing him, Nikki starts having a go at his exposed nutsack. It really frustrates and annoys us that he claims to be innocent of ogling us so the two of us take turns ball busting him in a femdom frenzy. In order for harder impact, I’ve had to take My shoes off so I can bust his balls barefoot but Nikki opts to keep her platform boots to deliver the hard blows. We keep on kneeing him in the balls and laughing at his reactions but he deserves everything he has coming. We’re not really sure if he’s getting the message so we both dig our fingernails into his nut sack. Unfortunately, the scent of his ball sack gets on our pretty hands so we have to resort to flipping him over on his hands and knees and kicking him while he is on all fours. To our delight, this seems to work much better.
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