The Mean Girls - Mistress Dandy - Bashing Its Balls In Again (4K)

Added: 22-02-2021

This old crusty slave always finds a way to annoy Me anytime I visit the Manor. It likes to think it is funny and witty and all too often tries to actually talk to Me or the other Mean Girls. That is so disgusting.
So as Platinum and I were finishing up the day shooting, we decided to have another little impromptu ball destruction session with her rickety old ass geezer slave. She was behind the camera throughout, and you will hear us talking back and forth as I put this old fuck through the paces… kicking its worthless little berries over and over again in all variety of positions; standing, kneeling, on all fours, looking at Me, facing away… pretty much any position I could think to put the thing in to have unfettered access to crushing its clitty dick…
Watch as it howls and curls up in a fetal position on the ground after I kick its baby bits into its stomach. Maybe someday this idiot will learn to stop thinking for itself and truly just surrender itself to the life it was meant to lead.. or maybe this old ass dawg is far too old to learn new tricks…
Ms. Dandy
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