American Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum, Miss Tiffany - Not Like We Need Inspiration to Wreck Its Balls (1080 HD)

Added: 04-04-2021

Some slaves are just meant to be beaten and broken. My old ass geezer slave is a prime example. It has so many issues that constantly aggravate Me regardless of how good it is attempting to be, that I never need any additional motivation to destroy it in one way or another.  
Here, Ms Tiffany and I decided to play a little game of punt its balls into its neck and We each took turns unloading on the things balls. (Well, when We didn't cheat and lay into its sack two or three times in a row just to crush its worthless boy parts. And as many times as We kicked the thing, We really never got bored of hurting it so this is one of the very rare BallBusting Clips that is OVER 25 MINUTES LONG!!!
Wanna get an idea of what might happen to your worthless little sack if you ever made it to the Manor loser? Get this nearly Half-hour clip for one of Our longest Ball-busting CBT clips to date.
- Goddess Platinum, Miss Tiffany

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