Ballbusting Beauties - Kimberly Kane - Kneebusting a Nerd 3 - Ballbusting Femdom

Added: 19-05-2021

Kimberly Kane is the hottest and most popular girl in school and always gets what she wants. She particularly loves to be mean to the boys and today is no different. Spotting a nerd on his way to class trying to avoid her, she easily intercepts him and has him backed up against a wall. The pathetic loser tries to escape but Kimberly pushes him back and then knees him in the groin, effectively pinning him against the wall with her strong legs! He tries to push her thigh away but he is too weak and in too much pain. She proceeds to go through his pockets looking for money and when she finds that he is a broke nerd, her anger takes over. While verbally humiliating him and kneeing him in the groin she realizes that he is actually getting an erection from being bullied by her. Desperately trying to hide his shame, Kimberly further embarrasses him by pulling his pants down, exposing his hard-on. She proceeds to give him a wicked wedgie before continuing to pulverize his now dangling balls with knee after knee, alternatively marching her strong thighs into his groin while he cries and begs in pain. After agreeing to pay her to do all of her homework from now on, she finally lets the nerd go but not before one final crushing blow to his balls!

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