Ballbusting Beauties - Arena Rome - My Loser Step-Son - Ball Abuse

Added: 30-05-2021

Jay has always had a perverted attraction to his step-mom Arena. Seeing her walk around in skimpy outfits that showed off her amazing curves, accentuated her huge tits, and revealed her sexy legs was becoming too much for him to handle. He found himself constantly watching his step-mom, dreaming about worshiping her like a queen.... While she is getting dressed to go out she notices that her step-son is standing in the doorway, obviously creeping on her. She calls him in and right away calls out his strange behaivor. Jay tries to make excuses but Step-Mom knows best, and humiliates him for being such a pathetic virgin loser. Arena notices that her step-son is gawking at her amazing breasts and orders him down onto his knees. Informing him that he is going to learn to be useful and not a jerk-off junkie to his Step-Mom.....While still on his knees she begins kicking him in the balls while continuing to verbally tear into him, wrecking his ego along with his balls. Each kick snapping with precision and power into his her step-son's manhood as she ruins him, making fun of his obvious boner that is growing in his pants. Unable to stop staring at his Step-Mom's breasts, she pulls them out and smothers his face with them as she tells him this will be the only way that he ever gets close to a woman's tits. Finally time for Arena to head out, she stand's her step-son up to kick him in the balls a few more times full before sending him crawling off to try to not be such a loser!

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