Cameron Dee - Testicle Stress Ejaculation

Added: 22-10-2017

Cameron Dee makes her first Fetlovin’ appearance by placing a pair of testicles under severe stress while milking a hard cock to see if balls under extreme pressure n weight will cause them to cough up a big load of cum!

Cameron 1st places these balls in a ball crushing device, where she slowly cranks down on the crusher, causing the balls to turn purple n flatten out with their sides bulging out!

Next she places a weight hanger onto the ball crusher and begins to pile on the weights! By the time she has all the weights on, these stressed out balls are supporting over 16 pounds (7.26 kg)!

Then Cameron squeezes and flicks the bulging balls while laughing at their pitiful predicament, expecting them to simply explode from the stress she has placed on them as she further cranks down the crusher… and by this time, these balls are near their rupture point!

But, that’s not it… she then takes the weight hanger and lifts it up into the air….. and then drops it! This causes a quick but massive level of pain to the balls! She does this several times as she gets a kick out of seeing the cock and balls bounce up and down after she drops the 16+ pounds of weight!

After all of this, she begins to stroke the hard pierced cock to see if all the testicle stress will result in the cock spitting out a huge load of cum…. and to her delight a massive load of cum is milked out! It even comes out of the cock head piercing holes!!!

Cameron truly relishes in this act of severe CBT!

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