Milked and Busted - 6 Mean Girls Ballbusting

Added: 19-12-2017

The girls of course were not finished with these peepers. They had just gotten the shiz fucked out of them in every way possible and now the girls have run back in to tie them back up and abuse their nuts, to make sure they never peep again. Now for those of you that did not see 6 GIRL STRAPON MAYHEM!!!!, these girls had just fucked these guys for over an hour straight with BIG dicks, however we only showed you about 24 minutes of the action. When the girls come back to tie them up and torment their nuts, the guys are already physically and emotionally drained. That tends to happen when you are getting pounded in the ass and mouth for over an hour. The girls start off a little playful with light slaps and playful teasing. Having a hard time keeping the guys legs apart, they decide to tie the legs together - to one another. So when one gets hit and pulls his leg over, the other one has to open his legs. Which is sick, but actually quite funny.The girls realize they have to stand them up to get better access to their balls. If you buy this clip, pay attention to the tall tan peeper, he looks like he is having a seizure the last few minutes..This is not an act. Hes scared shitless and has never had his balls on display like this, especially in front of 6 mean girls. This is a mixture of hard kicks, and then playful light teasing slaps, but in the end, whatever these two are getting at this point is just devastating to them after what they had gone through previously. Having their balls out there vulnerable in front a pack of wolves is frightening enough.

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