Kates Palace - Stray Cat Blues 1

Added: 22-12-2017

Much to HER surprise, MADAME CHARLOTTE finds a nicely wrapped n strapped gift awaiting her in THE PALACE. At 1st, SHE welcomes this newcomer to her petting zoo, but when SHE hears the first sounds it makes, the rather shabby state of HER new plaything arouses serious doubts. Is this really a cuddly little kitten? And does it come from friend or foe? MADAME CHARLOTTE is well aware of the vile vermin you can encounter on the street. SHE doesn’t intend to let anything like that into THE PALACE. Old home recipes for disinfection, such as probing his tightest orifice with a plug of ginger, may be an effective way of preventing noxious disease from gaining a foothold; but after giving HER new pet a proper vaccination, SHE decides to conduct a detailed examination, leaving no stone unturned. The Pink Panther he surely is not, but he will definitely be a pinker panther when MADAME gets through with him. SHE’S got the only thing he wants, and that’s a fact. I will bet his mama don’t know SHE can spank like that. Of course, preventing any further “Woofs” is going to be a ruthless task, but it’s bound to get HER juices flowing. Nice kitty kitty.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Bondage, Bondage Male, Whipping, Whipped, Whip, Corporal Punishment, Smoking, CBT, Caning, Kates-Palace, Madame Charlotte, Charlotte, Canes, Cane, Canning, Smoke, Cigarette

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