Cfnmtv - Debt Collectors Part 1-7

Added: 03-05-2018

PART 1: The pressure is on for these enforcement officers to come back with the goods or they'll be out of a job. Luke is fiercely determined to do whatever it takes and confiscate whatever valuable goods are needed to make good on what's owing. He knows people will try to weasel their way out of paying in any way they can and doesn't fall for anyone's sob stories. But when he meets the beautiful proprietress of this unique business it seems like the perfect chance to collect all the cash he needs and maybe have a shot with this foxy lady.

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PART 2: The confident and powerful women at Glove Bunny know just how to treat their “models”. The main thing is to act quickly before they realise just what is going on – as they have done with Luke. His head spins as the women order him around, giving him instructions to show off skimpy underwear for them to judge. Little does he realise that they have plans for him that will reduce him to a quivering wreck!

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PART 3: For Luke, modelling is turning out very differently from what he was expecting. He thought it was a good way to ingratiate himself with the proprietress of Glove Bunny but instead he’s ended up completely nude and at the women’s mercy! And things are about to get a whole lot worse for the big dumb lug…

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Duration: 00:11:10
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PART 4: Back at the debt collection agency they are starting to wonder what has happened to Luke. Why isn’t he back yet? Has he failed in the simple task of retrieving the money owed by Glove Bunny? It’s time for one of his more experienced colleagues to go along and see just what is taking so long…

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PART 5: It’s almost too easy for the clever and manipulative women of Glove Bunny. They know just how to bend men to their wills – as they have done twice in the same day! They are having so much fun and want to see just how far they can push their latest plaything before he cracks under the pressure.

File Name : 11___debt-colle5
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Duration: 00:09:40
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What a day it’s been for the women of Glove Bunny! They’ve had tremendous fun trying out their products on a couple of new “models” – who’ve unwittingly allowed themselves to be taken advantage of. It looks like they might be able to come to some arrangement to write off their debts after all.

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Duration: 00:08:07
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Luke and Kev have been reunited – and both are horrified to see their work colleague in such a degrading situation! But neither of them are in a position to resist the cunning women of Glove Bunny. Luke quivers with fear as the three women approach him with a steely glint in their eyes…

File Name : 11___debt-col-7
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Duration: 00:07:00
Video: AVC, 1920 x 1080, 25.000 FPS, 4179 kb/s
Audio: AAC, 2 channels, 218 kb/s



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