CfnmTV - Breakdown Part 1-4

Added: 05-01-2019

Cocky salesman Ian Sprackling has double-crossed more than a few people to get the high powered position he’s in today. Now that he’s made it, he will do anything to make certain he stays on top. His arrogance carries over to every aspect of his life including his driving. So when a carload of women dare to overtake him they’d better be prepared to be shown who’s the boss.

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Seemingly oblivious to Ian’s plight the women are having the time of their life. Fortune has delivered a stranded and now naked young man to their sex-toy party and they are going to enjoy playing with his fit & lithe body until they are fully satisfied. And they can’t wait to try out their brand new electronic stimulation device on their captive plaything.

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After accidentally breaking Yasmin’s much-loved and priceless vase, things have gone from bad to worse for businessman Ian. It started off fairly innocently with him having to wear a kinky outfit for the women’s pleasure. But it has quickly escalated into something far more humiliating. With photographs to blackmail him the women know he has to do whatever they say. And they are more than happy to use their power for their own financial

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