CfnmTV - PPI Compensation: Robbie Part 1-4

Added: 31-03-2019

The banks have been at it again! So many people have been sold unnecessary payment protection that enterprising companies like Walker Swallow Money Management have sprung up just to deal with it. Clever businesswoman Clarissa is so successful that she needs more staff to cope with demand. But her interview techniques are a little unorthodox to say the least…

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Robbie is so determined to get the job at Walker Swallow Money Management that he’s already allowed Clarissa to strip him naked and fondle his penis. It’s the most embarrassing thing he’s ever experienced. And it’s far from over as a knock on the door heralds the arrived of another person to witness his humiliation.

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The moment of truth has arrived. If Robbie can make a success of this sales call it’ll make up for his earlier failings. But the two women have no intentions of making it easy for him. As he starts speaking to Mrs Helmholtz, Clarissa and Ursula approach him determined to try and distract him from his all important task.

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Trying to make a sales call whilst being groped by two women is proving very difficult for Robbie. It’s almost impossible to follow what the potential client is saying and respond to her queries while someone is shoving their finger up your arse! But Robbie knows if he fails on this task his chances of getting a job go out the window.

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