Cfnmtv - Breaking The Rules (Part 1-5)

Added: 22-11-2019

Young lads are apt to boast about their sexual prowess – even if they are still virgins. When Farley, Preston and Jim are working their frustrations out on the basketball court, they don’t realise that their private chat is being overheard. Furious and out for revenge, the girls concoct a clever plan.

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The girls have snitched on Farley, Preston and Jim and the headmistress has marched straight to the changing room to challenge them. With the assistance of the female students she’s determined to get to find out whether they have indeed broken the rules.

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PART 3: Standing stark naked with the freezing cold water cascading around them, Farley, Preston and Jim wished they’d been more careful before telling lies about their sexual prowess. Meanwhile the girls come up with a clever idea… why not measure the boy’s penises so they can easily see if they start to grow again?

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The boys appear to be completely wonton, allowing themselves to become aroused at the drop of a hat. Ms Winton will NOT tolerate it! Desperate measures are called for and the boys had better find a way to control themselves or the consequences will be dire.

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Whilst Farley pleasures Preston with his mouth, Jim feels the pain and shock of having a vibrator inserted into his rectum. These measures may seem harsh but Ms Winton is at the end of her tether. One thing’s for sure, the boys won’t forget their experiences today any time soon.

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