CfnmTV - The Airport Part 1-4

Added: 20-09-2020

It has been a hectic day at the First Class airport security check and female guards Violet, Donna and Patty are getting increasingly short tempered. It seems to be the day for difficult customers and the tough women are taking no nonsense. Woe betide anyone who crosses them!

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PART 2: Young financial analyst Duncan has already experienced the wrath of the security officers. Stripped down to his underpants and groped, the shy lad is terrified. But he gets a momentary reprieve when Councillor Jacob Abeokuta demands that they “hurry up.” Like a red rag to a bull, his words are about to get him into a whole lot of trouble.

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Having been caught with a stash of porn in his case, the officers are now obliged to perform a complete physical examination. They have his wife’s full consent – so there’s little Jacob can do about it. He’s about to learn just how invasive and embarrassing being naked in public can be…

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Duncan had hoped that having dealt with the other man, the security officers might forget about him. But the women are in a frenzy of excitement and want to see more naked male flesh. So they grab the hapless man and rip his clothes off to get to his cock, balls and arse.

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