Kates Palace - DOMINA KATE - Paquet francaise 6 - The Slave Contract

Added: 25-11-2017

Do you think DOMINA KATE will leave HER fuckable bitch at peace? Helloooo? After tightly binding Scarlet’s engorged pussy and gaping clit, THE ÜBERMISTRESS OF THE PALACE wants to properly train it for future ‘suitors’. After fisting the purple-lipped cunt-for-saler into trembling submission., the RESOLUTE DOMINATRIX fastens her firmly in place on the anal hook. THE SLY SLAVE OWNER wants to make sure no one gets any ideas about rustling off with HER tempting tart. Wielding a scalpel, THE SIN-LOVING MEPHISTA emblazons the bitch leg with a scarlet ‘K’, followed by an expert piercing of Scarlet’s raggedy balls. Time to really get decadent! Since no cock is available for Scarlet’s next round of performance testing, the EXAMINATRIX commandeers the reluctant cameraman. After his cheeky behavior in “Filmmaker in Trouble”, THE LADY LOCKSMITH has imprisoned his cock in a chastity device to teach him respect. Breaking down another taboo, THE INNOVATIVE DOMINA guides his sex-starved cock into the bitch’s welcoming mouth in a truly diabolical Femme Finale. Who will be the first to reach a kinky climax? See for yourself!

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Duration: 00:30:38
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