Clubstiletto - Mistress Kandy - Cold Water For Me, Hot Cum And Sweat For You

Added: 14-03-2018
Clubstiletto - Mistress Kandy - Cold Water For Me, Hot Cum And Sweat For You

Kandy has been super busy since transforming her gardener into her sissy slut. None the less, she needs cardio and always wants to insure her ass looks super hot so today we find her working up a sweat on her elliptical. Mean while sissy Nikki is always close at hand and while Kandy works out she is busy dusting and tidying things. Kandy reminds her programmed possession that she has to take care of all menial tasks in the house, “There is more to life than just sucking cock” she tells her cum burping bimbo. Nikki was once a hairy man but now on hormones with a soft smooth body and she looks rather sweet in her maids outfit. Kandy tells Nikki to get her water and kneel beside her as her bottle holder. “I love seeing my slave kneeling obediently and waiting patiently” Kandy says. After a time Kandy has Nikki hand her the water and as the camera moves in on Kandy’s back you can see the sweat is really starting to bead on her body. Kandy reminds nikki that soon enough she will again be gagging on cocks. Kandy enjoys the cold water and says it’s cold for her and hot for Nikki… hot cum that is.

Finally Kandy is done working out and she has Nikki come over and pull down her panties. She directs the slut to her feet for a tongue bath and tells her to work her way up her legs and to her ass crack. Nikki licks Kandy’s ass cheeks clean before gliding her tongue into the crack. You get some wonderful upwards views of Kandy’s ass as nikki eagerly licks her hole. Kandy tells the sissy that this also good practice for the men she will be not sucking later but rimming as well. Nikki has been brain washed to crave the taste of man ass but she clearly loves Kandy’s more than anything else. She is a complete whore and has never been happier. Her macho man life was such a burden and she loves being completely owned and used as a sissy slut. “My ass is like liquid honey” Kandy reminds Nikki who eagerly sucks and licks without hesitation. Kandy tells nikki how lucky she is, denied contact with her family, sucking cocks everyday and of course licking Kandy’s sweaty body and dirty ass. Kandy wonders what nikki’s family would think if they say her now but then adds, “They probably knew early on she was a nasty little bitch.”

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