SubbyHubby – Goddess Jessa – I Will Do Anything

Added: 16-08-2017

After Jessa tells her husband Cody that she does not think their marriage can last because his small dick can’t satisfy her in bed, he begs her not to leave him, saying that he`ll do anything to keep her. The wicked grin that crosses Jessa’s face says it all. Jessa tells Cody that, from now on, he`ll be nothing but her bitch n starts him out by licking her ass clean. Jessa continues his degradation at her salon, making him sit on his knees before her stylist as the 2 of them make fun of his small cock. Jessa then has the stylist give Cody a sissy makeover, complete with wig and makeup, telling her stylist that she has a surprise in store for her bitch. And what a surprise – Jessa has put out online ads advertising blowjobs for only 2 dollars! She is whoring out Cody as a cocksucking sissy slut, and opens her door to a line of men with 2 dollars in hand. She has Cody suck a couple of their cocks, but that takes too long, so Jessa has them form a sucking line. Then comes the ultimate humiliation – the men form a bukkake circle around Cody and cum all over his face while Jessa n her stylist laugh hysterically! After humiliating Cody with his whoring out training, Jessa and her stylist leave the cum faced sissy alone in the shop to clean up while they go out to meet a couple of the guys the sissy blew for them. Finally, Jessa reduces Cody to nothing more than her human dildo, having him face fuck her with a chin strapon. Never missing an opportunity to humiliate a bitch, Jessa orders Cody to fuck himself in the ass with a dildo while he pleasures her pussy with a strapon. As Jessa leaves him, she laughs at what a pathetic bitch he has become – cum on his face, a cock on his face and a cock in his ass. Jessa tells her hairdresser that she has made her husband into her complete bitch; to prove it, she seduces him to come to the salon wearing nothing but his pink collar. Once Cody arrives, he is ordered to his knees so Jessa can show Leena what a tiny dick he has.

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