BratPrincess - Amadahy, Kendall and Noe - Danni Forced to Cross Dress then Fucked Part 3

Added: 25-11-2015

Danni is now a girl named Jane. Now that she is a girl, she should be fucked like a girl. Amadahy makes Jane bend over and show her pussy. Jane falls forward as she is pushed. Jane claims she's a virgin. Amadahy examines Jane's hole and determines that Jane's telling the truth. Jane's little pussy is tight. At first, her tight pussy might have to be forced, but eventually Jane will be trained to love big cocks. Amadahy pulls Jane's panties around her ankles. Noe and Kendall crowd around Jane's face. They are going to help wire her to love taking cock. Noe and Kendall start whispering words of encouragement to Jane, reminding her that she loves getting fucked. "I'm a boy, Princess," Jane protests. A chorus of "no Jane" erupts from the Princesses. Jane is reminded that she is nothing but a toy. She needs to remember that she was never really a man. Jane starts to calm down a little. Her body starts to open up, and the Princess suspect that Jane might be actually enjoying her slut self. They tell Jane to moan. They explain that when a girl moans, it helps make sure that she is getting fucked right. Moaning means you like it. Jane moans. It's good that she likes it, because this is the only way she will be allowed to cum from now on. 'Princess, please fuck me," Jane begs at Amadahy's instruction. Noe and Kendall remind Jane again and again that she's a slut. They make Jane chant over and over, "I love cock." Amadahy pulls out of Jane's ass and makes Jane beg to suck her cock. Jane accepts Amadahy's cock in her mouth. Amadahy thrusts her cock deep into Jane's throat. Jane's going to eventually love cum all over her almost-pretty face. Amadahy smiles, "You're going to make a way better girl than Bruce Jenner."

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