Alice In Sissy Land - Happy Spring - Outdoor Sissy CBT Moresome - Blossom Blessing

Added: 02-05-2020

“SING FOR THE TREES!” Mistress Sofia commands as Joy’s cries of pain echo through the valley…
My fruit trees are struggling to bloom in the spring frosts and frequent storms. They need a big jolt of magical sissy energy!
I use mitts to keep Joy’s prying fingers away from the bondage ropes and tie her spread between two blooming trees. Normally the nectarine blossoms are neon pink but this year they are pale and need our encouragement.
The trees are buzzing with bees, which terrifies Joy even before we start torturing her. Do NOT attempt a scene like this if anyone involved is allergic to bee stings!!! Once our sissy starts to struggle, it shakes the pollinators out of the flowers and makes them interested in what we are doing.
Does precum attract bees?
My friends are here for this special femdom ceremony including Denali Winter, Mistress Sofia, and cruel Mistress Vyra, with a few curious neighbors off camera too. Our goal is to enhance this year’s stonefruit harvest by ritually blessing the blossoms with a sacred offering of pain. This is my version of naughty wassailing, the ancient pagan custom of “cheering for the orchard” to increase crop yields.
We give Sissy Joy plenty of reasons to “sing” and struggle – thick thuddy canes, small sadistic plastic rods, wooden and metal paddles, finger nails and plenty of branches. These trees could use a little extra pruning and I love how the flowers explode into a flurry of cascading pink petals with every well-aimed strike. This is the most beautiful CBT I’ve ever seen!
We festoon Sissy Joy with flowers like a bright pink fairy princess – fit to be sacrificed!!!
The bouquet of blossoms tucked into her chastity device is perfect target practice for Mistress Vyra’s whip until she’s standing on a carpet of petals. Knowing that our sissy is terrified of single tails adds to the sadism but Joy was willing to do almost anything to get unlocked for the first time since November.
How many months of chastity would it take before this looked like a good idea to you?
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