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Added: 15-04-2017

Nicole has been having a relationship with her high-powered husband Toby that is anything but perfect. He just can’t please her. She tells him that he should give his best employee Jack, a raise today. Toby decides that despite all of Jack’s hard work, he`ll only raise him a whole nickel and has the nerve to insult him. little does he know, his hot wife is actually having a satisfying sexual relationship with Jack n his huge cock. Toby arrives home to find his wife playing with her pussy with a pink vibrator. Unbeknownst to him, she was imaging Jack’s cock inside of her later. She finally breaks down and tells her husband how unhappy she is and he seems willing to do anything to save their marriage, saying he will do anything she wants. She realizes as he kisses her foot, that he is an actual little submissive bitch after all. She puts him in a collar n makes him worship her feet like the bitch he is, bossing him around and getting what she wants. Nicole tells her husband to shut up as she did not give him permission to speak. She shoves a chastity device at him n tells him he must be locked up from now on, she does not want to see his useless slut stick waving around. He locks himself up n can feel how tight it is against his cock. She now totally owns his manhood! he must lick her perfect ass just the way she demands it be licked while she rubs her gorgeous tight pussy. Just when he thinks things could not get any worse, she decides to tell him the truth. “Jack has been fucking me.” Nicole has her warm mouth licking n breathing all over her pathetic husband’s confined cock. “U can barely feel this, can you?” “Yes…” he mumbles. “Good. Then maybe you will last longer than ten sec!” she says with a smirk. She lets him out of chastity on 1 condition. He must wear lipstick and put on a dress as they are having company. He allows her to put lipstick on him since he simply does not have any choice in the matter now. He is her submissive bitch. There is a knock at the door and to his dismay it is his employee, Jack. Toby is in disbelief for a quick moment until he sees his wife kissing Jack! Nicole then shows Jack how small Toby’s cock is and makes Jack show Toby how huge his big black cock is and Toby’s eyes almost pop out of his head! Jack must be no less than 12 INCHES! Nicole compares their sizes showing Toby how inadequate he is and then forces Toby to lay on the floor while she gives her big black lover a blowjob, right above his head. He must watch her pleasure that big cock, every inch. Just when Toby thinks it is over, she spits Jack’s huge load into Toby’s mouth. Now it is time for this bitch Toby to watch his wife ride the huge black cock of Jack, his employee. He has to watch Jack satisfy her with each and every thrust of his huge cock, something he could never do with his small cock. She grabs his collar and forces him to watch, he cannot look away. It hurts so much to watch her get fucked by a better lover but he can’t look away. She asks Jack to cum all over her tits and her pathetic cuck husband must now clean it up with his tongue. Her husband is so humiliated. He not only was found out by his wife that he is a submissive little bitch but he also found out that she has been fucking his employee Jack. Just when he thinks he can’t handle much more of this, she forces him to take her huge cock in his throat and ass. She shows him what a big cock is supposed to feel like and she fucks him for a long time, not ten seconds like the way he has been fucking her.

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