Meana Wolf - Kissing Step Step-Cousins

Added: 02-07-2019

You ’ve always been close with your step Step-Cousin. When you guys were little , you made out with teddy bears and did all the things that normal people do …like kissing or touching each other. Sometimes , you ’re ashamed to admit it to yourself , but you still think about her sexually even though she obviously grew out of it. Her home life is getting weird , so your Step-Mom invites her to stay with you guys for a few days. You decide to build her a fort in the living room just like the ones you used to make. Maybe if she ’s lost in nostalgia , she ’ll think about what the two of you used to do. It starts out sweet and innocent. She says “Don ’t watch me!” As she puts your old teddy bear underneath her and starts grinding her pussy on it. She says you can jerk off if you want. You both know you shouldn ’t …but you ’re both just horny , with hormones raging. She keeps saying that this is all your idea , but she asks you to put your cock inside of her. The plan was to pull out …but she kept saying she was so close. And you don ’t know your body yet … so you cum in your Step-Cousins pussy accidentally. As soon as you cum you feel guilty …but your Step-Cousin put you back inside and cums on your cock saying “just pretend I ’m not your step Step-Cousin ” as she rides you with your cum inside of her. Xoxo Meana Wolf
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