The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum - A Cuck’s Worst Nightmare (4K)

Added: 16-04-2020

My poor live-in slave. It used to belong to another Mean Girl. It thought I would be “nicer” to it- but I’m not. I am so emotionally cruel to it…and it doesn’t even know that it actually turns me on to abuse it. I literally get wet from making it cry at my feet while it tells me how much it “loves me”- and I basically just laugh in its face.

And now I plan on taking my abuse of my property to a new level. I found a number in my slave’s phone that was just listed as “Alpha Realman”- so I had to text a hot pic of myself to that number from my own phone just to see who it was. I knew I would get a reply right away. (And yes, I have access to my slave’s phone, all its bank accounts…you name it, it is MINE!)

Here, it turns out that number is the boyfriend of my slave’s old owner! And OMG what a “REAL man” he IS!! After a little “sexting” back & forth (and few HUGE dick pics!) I had to meet this stud! And I was going to make it a surprise for my slave- and I made sure it was all caught on camera!

On the day I am going to meet my new fuck-toy, I start by putting my slave in its living room cage, and then teasing it about how I have a “friend” coming over to help me torment it tonight. I’m not very specific, and of course my slave thinks it is one of my hot girlfriends. Poor thing…what a surprise he is in for!

When my “date” arrives, I am SO happy! He is like 6’4″ and full of muscles! I bring him around to the living room to introduce him to an old “friend” of his! He can’t believe it! “This is the same pathetic fucking loser that my Ex used like he was literally her fucking SLAVE or something!”

I laugh and explain that I own him now! Then I decide to put him through his paces in front of this REAL man! (I absolutely LOVE making my slave do this because I know he HATES it! Haha!) I pull my cuck-bitch out of its cage and make it HUMILIATE itself in front of me and my hot date for our amusement. I make it say things for us that absolutely cruuush its ego and make my stud & I laugh our asses off.

I even make it SHINE OUR SHOES before our hot date with ITS TONGUE!! (I can’t have my new man going out with me while wearing un-shined shoes, can I?? LOL!)

Then I make my cuck-bitch literally crawl off and bring us back plenty of $$$ in its TEETH that I can use to pay for my date with this REAL MAN that I am going to fuck the shtt out of later! My slave tries to hand the $$$ to ME, but I decide this isn’t humiliating enough for it. I want to make it REALLY suffer emotionally- so I make it crawl over to my stud and kneel before HIM so HE can take the money directly from my cuck-bitch and laugh in his face. Then I make my cuck BEG this muscular stud to take me out and show me a “good time” with his money!! (I even make him refer to my date as “Sir”!! LOL I am rolling….and getting SO turned on at the same time, as I can almost see the tears welling up in my slave’s eyes!)

Then we are off to our date. I make my slave crawl back into its cage and WAIT for me to get home with what is soon to be my new lover!

When we get back, the night only gets worse for my cuck…I am going to destroy its remaining shreds of dignity while my pussy gets destroyed by my new stud fuck-toy RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM!

YOU NEED TO SEE HOW CRUEL I AM TO MY CUCK- I LITERALLY LAUGH AND SPIT IN ITS FACE WHILE TELLING IT THAT I HATE IT- AS I AM GETTING RAILED FROM BEHIND BY MY MASSIVE NEW LOVER!! And my cuck-bitch can’t do anything about it, as he is chained to the foot of my bed and has no choice but to watch as his Goddess gets fucked- something he will never get to do!

I even made our new cuck serve my new lover and me breakfast in bed the next morning. And then I make it worship my feet just to turn me on so I am ready for “round 2” with my new fuck toy before he leaves!

Aww, it must suck to know that you are relegated to licking my feet, of all things- and that all that toe-sucking will do is turn your Goddess on…until she kicks you in the face, tells you to get lost, and then goes back to fucking a guy you hate!

But it just turns me on sooo much to know how destroyed my slave was with all of this. I know this sounds so mean, but slave tears turn me on. And MY needs and desires are all that matter!!!

– Goddess Platinum

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