Ariana Aimes - Apocalypse Cuck

Added: 04-04-2021

We are college sweethearts that have recently become engaged. Despite our optimism, the world has quickly crumbled around us and we now find ourselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. We have been traveling on foot for weeks and have managed to survive by hiding in vacant department stores. However, our circumstance begins to look bleak as we have exhausted our food supply and are in jeopardy of starving to death. After being surrounded by a herd of flesh-eating zombies, we are saved by a young man named Terrell. A tall and imposing figure, Terrell served in the U.S. special forc e s and has survived through his excellent combat instincts.
Although it appears that Terrell rescued us out of kindness, he has a darker agenda. Having practiced abstinence while an active-duty soldier, Terrell views his heroism as an opportunity to demand sexual submission. After we settle into his large cabin, Terell quickly establishes the rules and expectations. To enjoy his protection, we are both given domestic responsibilities. In addition to preparing all meals and cleaning his hunting gear, you serve as his dutiful submissive. My responsibilities consist of keeping watch at night and cleaning (orally) your pussy after he fucks you.

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