Humiliation POV - Princess Kaelin - Stoner P.0.p.p.3.r.s. !nt0x, Feel Your Inhibitions Dissolve And Your Adrenaline Pump

Added: 05-05-2018

Hey you fucking stoner, I want you to take another hit because I’m going to fuck up that stupid head of yours. And for this, you are going to need a bottle of p.0.p.p.3.r.s. I want you to take a nice deep inhale and hold it, and then do the other nostril and hold it and let it go. You love that warm, tingly p.0.p.p.3.r.s. feeling, u can almost hear your brain cells popping. And it’s just so intensified when you’re stoned. Read less
The thing I love about p.0.p.p.3.r.s. is that every time you do it, you’re getting permanently stupider for me, making your mind just a little bit easier to crack. Now take another hit, stoner. I want those p.0.p.p.3.r.s. and w.e.e.d. close by because we’re going to be taking turns letting those fuck with your head. I want you to feel completely euphoric. I love fucking with you when you’re fucked up on all of these [email protected] It’s fun for me but it’s even more fun for you. You can excuse all of your disgusting behaviors by blaming on the fact that you were fucked up.

Take another huge hit, fill those lungs with all of that smoke & then pick up your p.0.p.p.3.r.s. and take another deep inhale. I love to make you push yourself to the edge for me, it’s so easy. And once you’re completely fucked up, I’m going to get you to do some pretty degrading and humiliating things for me. Take another hit of both. Feel your inhibitions dissolve and your adrenaline pumping.

Now stroke that dick. Do you know what you need? More p.0.p.p.3.r.s., LOL! Jerk you stupid lazy stoner loser. Losers like you don’t get 2 touch girls like me. They get to get all fucked up and do humiliating things for me. So stroke that cock as you feel your head getting hazier and hazier. Keep stroking has you take another deep inhale. Hold it in as you jerk and focus on my tits and ass. Exhale and jerk it harder. You must be so hard and stupid by now, my little fucked up pet. You’re such a fuck up, spending your whole life getting fucked up and jerking off. This is what you live for. This is why you don’t have a life or a girlfriend. You’re a fucking addict, a slave your addictions and your cock. Now you’re going to get to cum but you’re going to have to do so in the most humiliating way I can think of.

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