HumiliationPOV - Princess Kira Star - Sniffing Drooling Gooner - You Can’t Stop Destroying Your Brain

Added: 12-05-2020

You’re such a loser, all you want to do is sniff your bottle and jerk your pathetic cock all night long. It’s how you choose to spend every night of your life, destroying your brain cells and wasting away. And when you sniff and look at me, I make your cock so hard. My shine is candy to your brain when you sniff. I am going to destroy your mind as I tease your worthless cock because that’s what you want, isn’t it?
I make you want to inhale your toxic poison, so take a deep inhale and jerk your pathetic cock loser. Suck that poison into your lungs and into your brain. Destroy yourself for me. It makes you want to goon your brains out until there’s nothing left. Your brains are swimming in lust for me. Jerk it faster loser. Lose yourself in this moment. Jerk until you feel the cum building in your balls. But don’t cum, just edge over and over and over again.
Inhale more of the poison and jerk your cock faster idiot. You need to cook your brains for me. You need to inhale so that porn looks so much better than it did. You can’t get enough of me or porn, can you loser? You can’t stop jerking. You can’t stop staring. Self destructing on porn and p o p p e r s. I’m going to scramble your brains until there are no coherent thoughts left. Inhale more.
Stare at my perfect ass as you lose your mind. Jerk to its perfection. Jerk to my beauty loser. Get lost in my perfection. Bring yourself to another edge and then right before you’re about to cum, stop jerking and sniff again and start the cycle all over again. Your weak brains are cooking for my sexy ass, aren’t they? I can see you drooling loser. Inhale again, hard this time. Take it in real deep.
Now it’s time to jerk the spunk out. You want it to so badly. Jerk for me. Ride that edge. You’re so close. Sniff again and fry your brain when last time before you spurt it out. Jerk it all out. Milk out every last drop. You’re so pathetic. You must feel so stupid.
– Princess Kira Star –

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