HumiliationPOV - Join My Blackmail Puppets, Become Another Obedient Idiot

Added: 22-05-2020

You can be a creepy little fly on the wall and watch what I do to them. My blackmail puppets. Or if you’re already involved in one of my programs, here’s your task for the night. You need to do this in one night. I want you to feel dumb for me, and used for me. So I want you to go somewhere with a mirror in front of you. Good boy. Now take off your shirt for me. Lick your fingers and start rubbing your nipples. Do not stop touching your nipples for as long as I am talking, I want them to be very sensitive. Now take a picture of them to send me. Keep playing with them.
Now whether you’re wearing underwear or panties, I want you to take them off and let your cage dangle out. I keep all of my blackmail puppets in chastity. Now I want you to make sure that you can see all of yourself in the mirror. Now look down at that cock of yours and shake your cock up and down in that mirror so you can watch your cock and balls flop up and down for me. It should hurt just a little bit. Good boy. Up and down and then give it a little rub. Then take a picture and send it to me.
Next we’re going to play a little game. You’re going to shake yes and no with your cock in the mirror. You know how to shake yes and no, don’t you? Up and down for yes, left and right for no. And you’re going to do this and take a picture because I said so and that’s what gets you hard. So touch your cock, now take your hands off.
Now ask yourself, ‘Am I a loser?’. Shake yes or no. LOL! Now take a photo to send me and title it, ‘Yes I’m A Loser’. Because what are you in that photo. You’re a loser. Next question. Are you wearing panties right now? Shake your answer. Now take a picture. Good boy. Next question. Do you stay up late at night thinking about me? Not just when you’re jerking off but sometimes when you’re trying to fall asleep, do you accidentally start thinking about me? Have you ever dreamed about me? Shake yes or no. Now take a picture. Good boy. Am I your Goddess? I know the answer is yes so I want that cock shaking up and down and I want you to say, ‘You’re my Goddess, Mandy’. Put a lot of effort into this and I want a video of this. Flip that cock up and down for me. Good boy.
Do you tribute your Goddess? Shake yes or no. But think long and hard which way you want to shake. If you haven’t sent anything, I’ll let you pause right now so you can send me money and then you can shake yes because it would be really humiliating to have to shake no and then send a video of that to me. Good boy. This one is easy, so no more thinking too hard. Do you like my outfits? Shake your cock and give me your answer. When I wear shoes do you like my shoes? Shake that cock. Do you like my lips? Do you like my ass? I know you like my ass. Now shake your cock up and down. You love my ass.
Now put your hand back on that cock, play with yourself in chastity. I want you to work on those balls until you have a drop of precum and then I want you to make a little dot on the floor with it. And then I want you to bend down and lap it up with your tongue. I know you want to, you need to please me. You’ve already signed a contract and you’re obligated to do whatever I say. I love knowing I have that much control over you. All of my stable of blackmail slaves are so obedient. If I tell them to wear a blue shirt to work, I get tons of pictures of them wearing blue shirts to match their blue balls. Are you ready to begin my control and join my blackmail puppets?

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