HumiliationPOV - You Might As Well Eat It Virgin, No One Else Will

Added: 08-08-2020

You’re such a virgin, and you’re going to stay one forever. And that’s ok, there are so many ways to have fun, being a virgin and all. By yourself of course. And one of them is thick and delicious, do you know what I’m talking about? Do you understand what I mean? It’s something so natural, and it’s available even to you. You can have it every day. It can really change your life. Of course you won’t suddenly not be a virgin, no, it’s just a little treat, something delicious. And you can have it any day, any time, it’s available to you. Don’t you think you deserve that? A little treat? I think you do.
I think you’ll like it. Actually, I think it’s mandatory for all fucking virgins. You see any time you watch any of my clips, or any porn or perfect Goddess that you stroke to, the only way you can find any release, is with that treat. I think it’s delicious for virgins. Plus, who else is going to taste it but you? It’s made specifically for you, by you, and don’t you want to appreciate yourself because no one else does. I think it’s perfect for you, every virgin has it. The silky, thick, white, pearly little mess you make every time you jerk.
A little treat, something to celebrate your pleasure, and enjoy every little moment of it. It’s literally made for you by you. And don’t you want to give yourself some love? No one else does, now do they? And a loser like you deserves some self esteem. And self love is all about that. Treat yourself by becoming a little porn addict, of course you’re gonna taste yourself, and it’s mandatory for all fucking virgins. Taste it, love it, live it, forever. Every time you stroke your little virgin cock, your reject fucking cock, you will swallow, you will clean it up. It doesn’t matter where it lands, it ends up in the same fucking place it comes from. You.
Every time a loser strokes, delicious white cream floats in and out. That’s it, accept it. Love yourself, have a little treat. Taste yourself. You’ll develop a taste for it. And if you don’t, it’s not my fault that you don’t like the taste. But you can improve it yourself by improving your diet. And it’ll taste like a treat, every perfect moment of it. Love yourself, taste yourself. You have no choice, all virgins must taste it and love it. It’ll change your life, make you appreciate every single orgasm which you rarely get because who really gives a fuck about your orgasms? Who even gives you a chance to finish?
You’re addicted to porn that doesn’t even let you, because you’re a virgin. I’m softening the edges and letting you cum any time you want, I’m making you hooked on the taste of your own fucking cum. There’s no other way, you will stay a virgin so you might as well get used to the taste of your own cum. The best and only thing you’ll ever fucking get. Isn’t that right little virgin? I think it’s perfect and made specifically for you. Why would you let it go to waste? So delicious. Perfect for you.
– This is a very erotic, sensual clip from Tsarina Baltic. –

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